Stuck in Customs in Space Photo

thailand  Stuck in Customs in Space Photo

Stuck in Customs in Space

thailand  Stuck in Customs in Space Photo

If you want to see how I made this (and how you can too!), visit my HDR Tutorial. I hope it gives you some new tricks!

I love this shot! It came out wicked.

I used to say wicked a lot in grade school and I still like saying it. This may or may not make me lame, and I can’t be objective about such things.

This is the airport in Bangkok, Thailand. I am not sure who the architect is, but it came out quite inspired. Taking photos of beautiful architecture is somewhat of a sport of mine. I want to try to honor the lines and the textures via a good composition and a good HDR treatment.

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Photo credit: Stuck in Customs

225 thoughts on “Stuck in Customs in Space Photo

  1. ditto! to what everyone else has said. I’m not an original thinker. In fact thinking ruins most appreciation of that which you instinctively enjoy.

  2. your composition is gorgeous, but i’ll be honest and say i think the hdr looks really overdone and kills the photo for me. i’d love to see the original

  3. Suvarnabhumi departures never looked so good. Great shot

  4. nice shot, although it is tilted slightly to the left giving it a lopsided look.
    the coloring is great, althought it kinda blends together too well. and there is so much going on in this picture that it’s hard to focus on one thing- sometimes more isnt better, but over all, i like it

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  6. Bought your book today, and am actually looking for a DSLR camera now, hope to be able to put this techniques to use, as I will be going to Bangkok in a few weeks and absoultely love this photo

  7. Amazing photo, fantastic architecture, you must be from MA. Wicked is still used here, but not as much; it hasn’t run by my ears lately.

  8. absolutely awesome, check out some of my new photos of industrial decay and abandonment here and let me know what you think………

  9. I have looked and looked at this photo to determine what it is that hijacked my attention and made me utter "wow, fantastic, incredible … what is this???". I think it’s the patterns in the details, almost like a spider web, that draws the viewer toward the astonishing one-point vanishing perspective. This is a world-class shot!

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